• Petrified Wood Coasters

    Your morning coffee never looked so good! This ancient wood has been turned to stone, and we've turned it into the ideal all-natural corporate gift! These all-natural gifts are beautiful, brandable and practical.

  • Dinosaur Bone Fossil Pen

    Nothing make you feel young like signing your name with a 180 million year old pen! Our hand-lathed Dinosaur bone fossil pens are perfect for the hard-to-buy for executive.

  • Polished Ammonites

    These free swimming, carnivorous animals had living chambers in their shells. This is beautifully shown in these particular specimens that are cut in half and highly polished – exposing the interior living chambers which making them a beautiful keepsake that will be treasured for years!

  • Amethyst

    We are pretty sure this is what Jimmy Hendrix meant when he wanted us to rock on with Purple Haze. Prehistoric Home now has access to some of the richest, darkest, most stunning Amethyst chunk and geodes found in the world today!

  • Canadian Ammolite Bookmark

    Canada's precious gemstone, the most rare jewel on earth, turned into a unique gift. This iridescent beauty glams up your book and holds your place. Every one is unique!

  • Holzmaden Ammonites

    The Holzmaden land formation in Germany is one of the world’s most recognized sites for fossil recovery from the Jurassic period. The 170 million year old pyritized ammonites embedded in oil-bearing shale that is an instantly recognizable artifact to a paleontologist and a thing of beauty for an interior designer.

Prehistoric Home Ltd. is a business-to-business supplier of authentic fossils, minerals and dinosauria for corporate gifting, marketing and incentives. Our products are nature’s works of art, available in stunning one-of-a-kind executive gifts, or in larger volume (hundreds or thousands), all sourced from ethical and responsible suppliers around the world.



Are you a company with a corporate commitment toward sustainability and the environment? If so, there is no better way to backdrop your environmental platform than by using gifts and/or marketing promotions that are 100% “of the earth” and millions of years old! Read more


PHH Shops the World

President Shawn Ryan shops the world for the perfect natural corporate gifts. Check out his finds in this preview of what’s available for your company!



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